Control for Bed Bugs in Southern Maine

Maine’s tourism greatly benefits our economy offering a wide variety attractions and fun for out-of-staters.  With that tourism and free movement of people comes the spread of bed bugs, which are well-known for hitching a ride on unsuspecting victims.  They can be picked up at movie theaters, hotels, and can easily travel with your luggage. They eventually settle into the cracks and crevices of your home, waiting near your bed for the most convenient food source… you.  Green Shield Pest Solutions provides a detailed plan to get rid of bed bugs, one which will completely eliminate them and give you some much needed peace of mind.  Here is what it entails: 

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After receiving a quote and scheduling a two-hour arrival window, Green Shield will email you a detailed preparation guide.  This involves items like cleaning up clutter, drying fabric items on high heat, and making plans to be out of the home or apartment for a few hours on the day of service.


There is nothing more thorough in the pest business than a Green Shield bed bug inspection.  Before starting service, your technician will spend time inspecting common areas where bed bugs are found: mattresses, box springs, furniture, under the edge of the carpets, and in all cracks and crevices.


Treatment involves using EPA-approved materials including dusts, liquids, and aerosols which are applied to the infested areas.  Typically this takes about two hours for a single family home and often longer for multi-unit apartments.

After Treatment

Occupants and pets can enter the home four hours after treatment.  Vacuuming should be done 24 hours after treatment along with keeping the temperature set to a warmer temperature for a couple of weeks.

Follow Up

After two weeks, your Green Shield technician will return to inspect and usually retreat.  The same preparation should be done once more to ensure the area is void of clutter.  Since bed bug eggs can lie dormant for quite some time, Green Shield often monitors the situation throughout the year and comes back a few more times to ensure success.


To help in the process, the best action to take is to keep a clean home.  Frequent drying of clothing and fabrics as well as vacuuming frequently is recommended.  Green Shield has helped many with a proven system and guarantee results, returning anytime for no charge if bed bugs come back.