Pest Control During COVID-19

During this pandemic, Americans have been home for longer periods of time than at any time in history. Due to this, there has been more quality time at home, more cooking, and more messes, which pests love. Because of this, many have experienced an increase of pest activity in and around their homes.

Due to disease and food contamination, pest control was deemed essential by Homeland Security. Green Shield is committed to helping Maine families focus on their health at this difficult time, and rid them of the burden in having to worry about one more thing. In order to prevent further spreading of COVID-19 and do our part, Green Shield has been, and will continue to take the following precautions. We’re clean freaks, so much of this was already practiced.


1.) We are up to date on all CDC mandates and Maine state guidelines.

2.) Frequent health and temperature checks are common for all Green Shield employees. Our employees will never come to your home ill. If COVID-19 symptoms are present, the employee will be asked to be tested and self-quarantine until results are received.

3.) Rescheduling is easy for customers who feel ill, especially for interior treatments.

4.) Interior treatment is not always necessary. Pests can usually be controlled from outside the home, which means the only interaction you have with us is a masked employee at least six feet away (only if you need to relay any pest issues before treatment).

5.) If an interior treatment is necessary, Green Shield will always wear the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including foot booties, gloves, and a mask.

6.) We encourage frequent hand-washing. Each vehicle is equipped with hand sanitizer as well which technicians apply in between treatments.


Green Shield thanks you for your understanding and support during this time and invite you to call us at (207) 619-1003 if you have any further questions. It’ll be our pleasure to serve you.


And if you are spending more time at home and have any pest issues, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE or give us a call.




-Green Shield Team