Pest Control for Rodents in Southern Maine

Because rodents can have 3-14 pups 5-10 times a year (32 to 56 pups per year), treating them is all about consistency over the course of 12 months.  A visit from Green Shield will typically include the following actions four times per year.  For a quick guide on which rodents and pests are covered with our standard plan, please see our pest library

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Upon arriving, we ask a variety of questions to pinpoint problem areas.  We inspect the interior and exterior of your home or business, looking for feces, chew marks, odor, hair, and stains from the oils they leave behind.  We look for entry points near plumbing, electrical, bulkheads, and holes around the foundation.

External Baiting and Trapping

The most effective way to get rid of mice is baiting.  One snap trap eliminates one mouse, but one ounce of bait can impact up to 12 mice.  We place external stations which are 12 in long x 12 in wide x 10 in high.  Since mice typically do not travel more than twenty feet from their nest, we space these 15-50 feet apart and place them against your foundation.

Internal Baiting and Trapping

Our interior stations contain the same bait, but are placed in hard-to-reach areas like attics, basements, and garages.  They are hockey puck size but square in shape.  All bait stations are tamper-resistant and only unlockable with a key.  As a result, we have never had a report of a sick pet or child from our customers.  The bait used typically makes the rodents seek water outside which eliminates potential issues of unpleasant smells coming from your home or business a few days later.

Thorough Exclusion

Blocking entry points is the most time-intensive part of what we do for rodents and sets us apart from competitors.  We use a steel-wool like product which blocks common entry points.  Since mice can fit through a dime-sized hole, it is important to be thorough.  We also often use a variety of foams, hardware cloth and caulking in situations that require it.

Insect Control

Because rodents can eat bugs, we want to eliminate their diet.  As a result, insects are covered with all rodent plans.  We treat the foundation, windows & doors, eaves, and even the interior if needed.  More details on what is specifically included can be found on our insect control page.


We typically leave some sort of to-do list for the home or business owner which often includes small items like eliminating unnecessary food sources or trash or trimming back landscaping.  Sometimes there are larger, specific carpentry projects recommended.  In that case, we would get you in touch with one of our handyman partners we trust.