Scarborough, ME

Scarborough is located within ten miles of Maine's largest city, where you can access all the art, food, and shopping that Portland has to offer. You can also enjoy plenty of quiet time in this coastal town which includes Maine's largest salt marsh, sandy white beaches, and beautiful ocean views.

Scarborough was incorporated as a town in 1658 and developed from a set of neighborhoods such as Dunstan, Oak Hill, and Pine Point, instead of around a central town center. Some stated they were still from these smaller neighborhoods until the 1990's. With rapid development starting in the 1970's, Scarborough is now one of Maine's fastest growing towns.

Scarborough is no stranger to pests like ants, mice, ticks, and mosquitoes, who call this charming town home just like its 20,000 human residents. Green Shield boasts years of professional service to help protect the families of Scarborough from pest damage and disease. Treating and removing pests from residential and commercial locations in Scarborough is our specialty. Learn more about how Green Shield can benefit your home or business by contacting us here.

Your Guide to Rodent Control in Scarborough

Due to the disease that rodents can spread and their attraction to many of the same foods we consume, it's difficult to avoid rodents in Scarborough or any Maine city or town. They also seek protection in our homes to avoid the cold Maine winters. To protect your home from rodents like mice and rats, Green Shield offers the following comprehensive service:

  • Complete and thorough interior/exterior inspection, looking for points of entry.
  • Exterior bait stations which cut down mouse and rat populations and their potential entry to your home or business.
  • Interior baiting and trapping to eliminate rodents which have already entered the home.
  • Exclusion! We seal all holes where rodents can enter. This is the most time-intensive part of the process and involves steel wool, foam, and caulking.
  • Quarterly monitoring of all traps and baits to provide a consistent and inhospitable environment for all rodents.
  • Free servicing in between visits if problems persist.

To protect your property from rodents, give us a call today at (207) 619-1003 or click the button below to schedule a consultation!

Tick and Mosquito Control in Scarborough

Ticks that cause lyme disease lurk every year in the Maine woods, waiting for a blood-meal from a nearby host. Mosquitoes also transfer a long list of vector-borne illnesses through their bite. In order to prevent ticks and mosquitoes from hanging around your home or business in Scarborough, it's important to take charge. Here are some tips to reducing ticks and mosquitoes:

  • Get rid of all sources of standing water.
  • Fix any damaged screens and make sure window air-conditioning units are sealed.
  • Keep landscaping areas and grass short.
  • When walking in the woods, wear light clothing and tuck bottom of pants into socks.
  • Check your body when returning from walks.
  • Wear repellent containing DEET.
  • Keep windows and doors closed if possible.
  • Maintain functioning gutters.

These tips will help, but Green Shield's mosquito and tick protection plan will ensure that your family is safe. This involves blanketing trees, bushes, and landscaping with a family-friendly product which eliminates 90% of ticks and mosquitoes from your property. Call us today at (207) 619-1003 to schedule a visit!