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About Green Shield Pest Solutions

Green Shield Pest Solutions is a small family-owned pest control company in Southern Maine with over 15 years of experience. From our travels and experiences outside of the state and country, we believe Mainers to be some of the hardest working and fiercely loyal people in the world. We carry these two attributes into how we operate as a company. Long hours and extensive training, allow us to serve our customers in a way that makes us proud of what we do. The bug business isn’t a glamorous one, but our loyalty and dedication to our customers is what keeps us happy and thriving.

"Our integrity is of the utmost importance and we believe in truly listening to customers."

We want families to be able to the enjoy the home they worked hard for, without having to deal with the annoyance of unwanted pests and the health risks associated with them. That also means providing service with family-friendly products which are environmentally responsible but effective. 

Meet the Team

Colby Thayer solo

Colby Thayer


Colby was born in raised in central Maine and has been a Saco resident since 2013. He has been in the pest control industry since college in 2006, managing large sales teams in Denver, Seattle, Houston, New York, and New Hampshire. He and Greg founded Green Shield to serve hard-working Mainers who want to enjoy time with their families, rather than worry about pest control. Colby has his Master Applicator license from the State of Maine Board of Pesticides Control and loves bringing the skills he’s learned from his travels to better educate and help customers. Colby is married to his wife, Camille, and stays busy chasing around his four kids who are between the ages of 11 and 3. He enjoys playing and watching pretty much any sport.

Greg England solo

Greg England


Greg has had a long and fulfilling career of leading teams and organizations. He started his career as an electrical engineer for Hughes Aircraft, managing multi-million dollar projects and teams. Later Greg branched out into information technology, finishing his career as CIO of an insurance company. Deciding that the retired life was too slow, and based on his love for nature and technology, he dove head-first into Green Shield Pest Solutions, seeing an opportunity to help customers solve their pest control issues through the best science and technology. Greg is a licensed Master Applicator in the state of Maine and loves people and being outdoors in nature – camping, fishing, or skiing. Greg has wonderful wife, three children, and four grandkids. He loves to travel, when time permits; and torturing his grandkids with tickle bugs.
Brian Nash

Brian Nash

Service Manager

Brian was born in Utah and has lived in Southern Maine since 1998. He has been with Green Shield since early 2021 after making a big change from sales and management in various industries. He is always enthusiastic about resolving issues he is faced with and loves applying this to his customers’ pest needs! When not chasing down crawling critters he is busy chasing around his 3 children ages 2-7 with his wife Caylin. He enjoys writing, playing music, and can be found most weekends at the skatepark with his daughter.
A photo of Nick Guay

Nick Guay


Nick was born in Southern Maine and is one of the friendliest and warmest people you will meet, coming over to Green Shield from a finance manager position at a car dealership. He enjoys fishing and hiking with his three year old retriever, Bo. When not in the wilderness you will find Nick at local car shows, hanging out in the classic muscle car section or somewhere playing disc golf. Nick thoroughly enjoys helping people; appropriately, his favorite movie is Pay It Forward.
A photo of Joe Poliquin

Joe Poliquin


Joe is our northern-most technician and can be found helping our customers in the Lewiston/Auburn and Topsham/Brunswick areas. He has extensive experience in the restaurant business and painting. Joe is second to none when it comes to his thoroughness. Joe truly loves our customers and will do anything it takes to solve their pest problem. He is approachable and warm; customers will frequently lose track of time just chatting with Joe because he is so likable and easy to talk to.
Tracey Crane solo

Tracey Crane

Lead Technician

Tracey brings a ton of leadership skills and experience to Green Shield. She has her masters degree in public health, understanding better than anyone how pests can negatively impact humans and pets. She served in the United States Army as a staff sergeant with a background in military intelligence. She has been an environmental specialist for the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention as well as a Quality Management Specialist dealing with food safety for restaurants, hospitals, and college campuses. Tracey is always learning new things and properly educating our customers!

Shayne McIntyre solo

Shayne McIntyre

Lead Technician

Shayne comes to Green Shield with the most experience in carpentry of any staff member, serving him well when it comes to performing detailed exclusion for big jobs requiring his expertise. He can do it all from dry wall to tile laying to roofing. He is very handy and a great problem-solver. As our southern-most technician, you will often see Shayne in York County, servicing Green Shield Customers all the way to Kittery.

Chris Garland solo

Chris Garland


Chris is a very organized and meticulous technician. He is a perfectionist and takes his time, always doing things in the proper way. Customers love his warm demeanor and willingness to do whatever it takes to solve their pest problem. Chris enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family and friends. He is a hard worker and a true team player, always looking out for others.
Mark Hussey solo

Mark Hussey


Mark was born in raised in Sanford Maine and loves everything about being a technician for Green Shield. He has a passion for working as a team and is efficient and friendly. He currently lives in Lyman with his girlfriend and like all Green Shield technicians, loves dogs. His two pups are Benny and Ellie who also live with him in Lyman. When Mark isn’t controlling bugs, he enjoys staying active playing sports and loves anything to do with the outdoors.
Tyler Whitten solo

Tyler Whitten


Tyler comes to Green Shield with loads of experience in the HVAC industry. He’s extremely handy and a great problem-solver. He loves anything to do with sports and being competitive and is a great hockey and soccer player. Tyler is dedicated, loyal, and a great employee. He truly cares about Green Shield’s customers and enjoys helping others.

Lucas Alford solo

Lucas Alford


Lucas hails from the great city of Reno, Nevada, graduating with a 4.0. He is the brains of Green Shield and has worked in several different industries such as warehouse management, carpeting, and FedEx. He loves Maine and is slowly getting used to the temperature difference, traveling from the desert to Maine’s frozen tundra. He loves Maine summers and is diligent and hard-working. He is always striving to be improve and be the best technician.
Adnan Hanifi solo

Adnan Hanifi


Adnan comes to Green Shield with loads of experience in banking, nutrition, and customer service. He has managed and led teams in several different industries and is a natural leader. Always attentive and proactive, Adnan is extremely good at problem solving and helping people solve their pest issues. Adnan currently lives in Westbrook and can typically be found helping Green Shield’s customers in the Portland area.
A photo of Camille_Thayer

Camille Thayer

Human Resources

Camille has worked in the pest control industry for over ten years alongside her husband, Colby, starting in 2007 and managing offices in Houston in 2008 and 2009. Later, she created instructional coursework for employees, analyzing psychology measurements to improve performance and morale. She works part-time for Green Shield, and full-time as a clinical mental health counselor. She’s a busy mom of four and always helping others around her with her big heart!

A photo of Louise Atkinson

Louise Atkinson

Office Manager

The friendly voice you hear when calling Green Shield belongs to Louise. She recently retired from DHHS, Child & Family Services in 2020 where she worked for 41 years as a Childcare Licensing Specialist. She and her husband Dean live in Central Maine. She is the mother of Colby and grandmother to his four children. Her joys are spending time with her grandchildren, attending all their extra-curricular activities, and spoiling them to death at all times.