Our Approach

At Green Shield Pest Solutions in Southern Maine, we utilize integrated pest management (IPM), which is the use of all available tactics or strategies to control pests. The old days of spraying unnecessary chemicals and “exterminating” everything in sight are over. Our pest control service includes:

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Identify the Pest

A licensed and trained service professional will arrive and assess your need for treatment by completing a full inspection of the exterior of the home.


Detailed notes are taken each visit so family-friendly products can be applied safely to exactly the right locations.


This involves developing a management strategy beyond blindly spraying.

Follow up and Prevention

In order to break pest life cycles, return visits in some fashion are important to prevent pests from returning.

Seasonal Protection

The most effective way to manage pests is seasonally. For ticks and mosquitoes, this involves a monthly treatment from April-September.  For home protection, because products only last 90 days and are ineffective during egg and pupal stages of the pest life cycle, one visit per quarter is ideal. For our home protection service, a visit from Green Shield will typically include the following each season. For a quick guide of which pests are covered with our home protection plan, please see our pest library.

Exterior Perimeter Spray

On a first visit we will use products that bugs will take back to the nest. On subsequent visits, repellents work best to seal entry points. The foundation is ground zero for pests trying to get inside for moisture or food.

Windows and Doors

Besides the foundation, windows and doors are the second most likely place pests enter a home, or business, especially for fall pests like stink bugs. We use a variety of dusts which will not stain windows, but will stop invaders in their tracks.

Nest and Web Removal

We use a twenty foot pole with a giant brush attached to knock down wasp nests and spider webs. Not only does it make your home or business look cleaner, but it discourages future web/nest building and potential entry.

Granule Application

Instead of only treating the structure like most companies, we often apply granules to softer surfaces like lawns and flower beds when necessary. These release a product over time so bugs do not come close to your home. Many who experience ticks around their home also like us to apply granules along the wood line of their property.

Rodent Control

Mice become a significant pest in winter months, especially in garages and basements. Not only do we apply pet-friendly traps, but our best work involves applying steel wool and caulking in areas where they could be entering.

Interior Crack and Crevice Treatment

It's not always necessary, but when significant infestations occur such as carpenter ants, we are able to monitor and apply baits and gels to cracks and crevices to flush out pests from a common place, the inside of the wall cavity.