Control for Ticks and Mosquitoes in Southern Maine

With our consistent year-round rainfall, mosquitoes and ticks thrive in southern Maine. Due to living and reproducing in much different locations than standard household pests, ticks and mosquitoes require their own specific treatment. This typically involves coming monthly from April-September for best results. Green Shield Pest Solutions is well known for being thorough and using family and pet-friendly products to get them under control. For more information on ticks and mosquitoes, visit their section in the pest library.

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How we treat

One of our licensed technicians would inspect your property and use a mosquito fogging machine to apply a family-friendly product to your tree line or property line.

Where we treat

This is applied 15 ft high to target nesting sites in trees and also targets landscaping, thick foliage, and dense shrubs. Much of the yard is usually covered as well.

What to Expect

You can expect a 90% decrease at first with a gradual drop in effectiveness over the next 30 days. Green Shield typically treats monthly for this reason.