Gorham, ME

Gorham was originally named "Narragensett Number 7," and then renamed Gorhamtown Plantation in honor of famous New England Ranger John Gorham. With a population barely over 18,000th town encompasses smaller villacs with distint historical identities like Little Falls, White Rock, and South/West/North Gorham. It is part of the Portland-Sout-Portland-Biddeford metro area.

The South Street historical district is a popular locations along with the University of Southern Maine, where thousands of students pursue their college education each year. Coffee shops and art galleries have surely enhanced what many consider a quaint little college town. Gorham boasts a wide collection of historical houses, restaurants, and shops which can make visitors feel like they are visiting a truly beautiful place.

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city life means Gorham is also home to many insects, including ticks and mosquitoes, ants, and mice. To learn more about how Green Shield can benefit your home or business, click here.

How can I get rid of mosquitoes on my property in Gorham, Maine?

Danger: It is a fact that mosquitoes kill more people every year than any other creature, and it's not close. Over 750,000 deaths were reported in 2018 from mosquitoes, compared to much scarier animals like lions (22) and sharks (6). Humans (437,000) and snakes (100,000) are the only others even remotely close. Of course it has nothing to do with their vicious teeth or intimidating stature but everything to do with the diseases and viruses they spread. One bite can pass along West Nile Virus or Encephalitis to name a couple.
Annoyance: Mosquitoes are also arguably the most annoying pest in Gorham because of the itchy irritating results left behind, especially for children who spend a lot of time outside during the warmer months playing. Humans and their warm bodies are enough to attract any mosquito. Throw in the beautiful of trees in Gorham, Sebago Lake nearby, and the humid summer weather and you have the perfect recipe for mosquitoes.

Treatment: To control mosquitoes in the places nearby your home, Green Shield Pest Solutions is well-equipped to handle current or potential infestations. Using a fogger, Green Shield Pest Solutions is able to provide a family-friendly barrier between you and mosquitoes. For more information, please contact us as (207) 815-1003 or go here.

How to get rid of Wasps around my Gorham home.

Southern Maine is no stranger to wasps. When the weather turns warmer in June and July, wasps look for shady areas to build their nests in the eaves of many Gorham Maine homes. Though many New Englanders, call them "bees," the two are very different. Bees have rounded bodies that sometimes appear fluffy where wasps have thinner bodies and a tapered waist that connects their thorax and abdomen. The important pollinating role of bees makes them a protected species whereas wasps have no such protection. Wasps are usually more aggressive as well and will attack humans sometimes for no apparent reason.

For a complete guide on the different kinds of wasps in Gorham, you can check out our guide here. As far as removal, here are a few tips:

1.) Prepare for battle - Wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, and close-toes shoes. Be okay with being stung because it may happen.
2.) Inspect - More times than not, homeowners that get stung do so while mowing their lawn. Familiarize yourself with your property as much as possible during June-August. While ants pop up in the spring and spiders in the fall, the hot months of summer are wasp season. Also, inspect underneath eaves, windows sills, near plants, and bushes, and under siding and any overhangs.
3.) Treatment plan - Although there are many over-the-counter products to buy which can kill on contact, having a guarantee from a company like Green Shield Pest Solutions does offer a lot of piece of mind. We are able to use knock-down products that hit hard and fast. But the most important step really is...
4.) Prevention - It'd be a simple world if wasps only built neat little removable nests, but they don't. Often they take cover inside behind siding and crevices around doors and windows that have opened due to a home settling or changes in weather patterns. Green Shield is able to dust these areas extensively to prevent any future building, even areas much higher than you can reach.

For all your wasp removal and prevention needs in Gorham Maine, contact Green Shield Pest Solutions here or call (207) 815-1003.