Home Pest Control in Southern Maine

Maine’s consistent precipitation and beautiful summer season is the perfect environment for all living things to thrive, including bugs.  Maintaining a home in Maine is not an easy task which is why thousands of Mainers have hired Green Shield Pest Solutions to take one more task off their plate. 

Our small and local team of technicians are able to use family and pet-friendly products which are significantly more effective than store-bought products.  Green Shield’s guarantee of free return-visits within 24-48 hours provides peace of mind at a reasonable price.

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Our Approach

At Green Shield Pest Solutions in Southern Maine, we utilize integrated pest management (IPM), which is the use of all available tactics or strategies to control pests. The old days of spraying unnecessary chemicals and “exterminating” everything in sight are over. Our pest control service includes:

Identify the Pest

A full inspection of the interior and exterior of the home.


Detailed notes are taken each visit so our green and safe products can be applied safely to exactly the right locations at your home.


Green Shield provides a quarterly service plan that involves thorough inspection, treatment, and follow up. Products are family-friendly but effective at eliminating pests and results are guaranteed to keep your home pest free year around.

Follow up and Prevention

Pesticides typically last 90 days. So, in order to keep your home pest free, we recommend our seasonal treatment plan.

Our Residential Home Protection Services

Insect Control

Ants, wasps, spiders, fleas, stink bugs, and more!  Both newer and older homes can experience various pest issues.  From wood-destroying carpenter ants to swarming wasps, treating consistently provides a more permanent solution.
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Rodent Control

Rodents spread disease, chew wires, and contaminate food.  See how Green Shield Pest Solutions eliminates rodents safely and effectively.
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Tick & Mosquito Control

With lyme disease on the rise in Maine and the population of ticks climbing at higher rates when compared to to other insects, there's never been a better time to control them. Mosquitoes are the most dangerous insect in the world due to their disease-spreading nature.  See how Green Shield Pest Solutions is able to protect you from both of these blood-suckers.
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Bed Bug Control

After hearing the horror stories, customers with this issue are more fearful than any other.  Green Shield will put your mind at ease with a clear and detailed plan of attack. Results guaranteed!
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What to Expect

After contacting us, a representative will get back to you quickly and evaluate what you have been experiencing.  We ask lots of questions and are great listeners.  If wanted, a licensed technician will be scheduled to visit your home.  

We will give you a brief two-hour arrival window for you to be home to greet your technician and show he/she around.  This first visit takes the longest.  We make adequate notes of the problem areas after listening to you and treat them accordingly.

Green Shield will return for a few follow up visits in order to break the pest life cycle.  This is different for every pest which is why Green Shield has four different plans to perfectly address each situation.

We guarantee all our work.  While we boast the best reviews in the state, we don’t expect you to blindly trust us.  If your pest issues return, so do we… for free.