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Should I do it myself or hire a professional?

The first-world problem of the century: should I do it myself or hire a professional?  We all have individual skills and varying motivation to tackle DIY projects around the home.  Some will tackle all projects with zeal, being able to fix the most complex electrical or plumbing issues.  Others will hire out simpler tasks because they want to spend time doing something else. 

Of course, there is no right or wrong when it comes to a person’s inner handyman.  At Green Shield Pest Solutions, we exist as a company because there are definitely benefits to hiring a professional.  However, there are good things about doing it yourself too.  Sure, we’re a little bias, but this article will explain the pros and cons of each so that you can make an educated decision.

The Pros of DIY Pest Control

  1.  More Affordable – If you have the time and energy, you can definitely save money by doing it yourself.  Ortho Home Defense has been around for awhile and can be bought pretty much anywhere.  This product has proven to be effective in many instances and can be used inside and outside.
  2. Less Chemicals – Although Green Shield Pest Solutions uses family-friendly and environmentally-responsible products, many do not want any chemicals on their property at all.  Some will opt to use vinegar, essential oils, or various herbs. Not wanting chemicals on or around your home or lawn is a completely reasonable request with all of the chemicals around us in our daily lives.
  3. Trust – Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right company you can trust.  In that case, trusting in yourself to get a project done the right way can bring peace of mind.  You also have that sense of inner-satisfaction when it is complete.

The Cons of DIY Pest Control

  1. Less Effective – There is a reason professional pest control companies can get their hands on certain products that you cannot.  Anyone performing professional treatments in Maine must pass at least two exams through the Maine Board of Pesticides Control which involve studying two 200-page manuals.  Passing these challenging exams means that the technician coming to your home is knowledgeable about how to mix and apply every chemical in their van/truck.  These chemicals are MUCH more effective than a product you can pick up at Home Depot that requires no training and is already pre-mixed.  Also, most DIY pest control products will only kill on contact and will not last as long as what the pros use.
  2. Safety – Because of the extensive training received, a pest control technician knows exactly how, where, and when to apply certain products.  If you’re doing it on your own with no chemicals, you need to be careful about certain oils and plants which could be harmful to pets.  If you use store-bought chemicals, you also need to find a safe place to store them out of reach of children or pets.
  3. More applications and eventual cost – It really does depend on the level of infestation, but we receive calls every year from people who have already spent hundreds of dollars on pest control products or rodent traps only to eventually give up.  Upfront DIY pest control costs are clearly cheaper, but in the long run, it often involves re-buying the same product a few weeks later due to not lasting as long.  Also, there isn’t a magical spray that treats every insect in Maine.  There are over 1,000 that regularly live and breed in the state and they require different products.

Every situation is different, but many have chosen Green Shield Pest Solutions for their pest control needs for the following reasons:

  1.  You can trust us – We are family owned and Maine’s only 5-star pest control company with more than a handful of reviews.  We are honest, hard-working problem-solvers.
  2. Our technicians – They are some of the best in the industry and are paid as such.  We are confident when we send one of our technicians to your home, that they will fix your problem and do it with a smile.
  3. Our guarantee – It’s rare, but when a customer calls requesting we come back in between services, there is never a charge.  And while many companies will schedule you out a week or two, we only need 48 hours or less to have someone knocking on your door.

To speak to someone at Green Shield Pest Solutions for a quote or any other questions, call us anytime at (207) 815-1003 or contact us here.


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  1. It really helped when you elaborated on how hiring a professional pest control company ensures you don’t put your family in danger. Recently, my brother found out that he has a rat infestation in his basement and crawling space, so I’ll make sure he reads your insight. I appreciate your intake on being careful when using chemicals on your own to try to remove pests.