Maine Rats In My Home

Why Do I Have Maine Rats In My Home?

Have you ever sat down and thought about how many different species of rodents we have in Maine. There are big rodents in Maine. There are small rodents in Maine. We have rodents in Maine that climb trees. We have rodents that dig up and invade yards. We unfortunately have rodents that like to invade homes. Today, we will be talking about one of these pesky rodents, the Norway rat. The Norway rat is one of the most problematic rodents in our area, and here is everything you should know about them.

What Are Norway Rats In Maine?

Norway rats are known for being one of the most invasive species of rodents in Maine. They can be easily identified by their 7-10-inch-long body, heavy frame, blunt muzzle, gray brown or black fur, and long hairless tail. Don’t be fooled by their large size, their agility and ability to chew through materials such as aluminum, plastic and wood make them one of the more destructive rodents in Maine. Not only do these rats eat and contaminate food, but they can also chew straight through walls, or gnaw themselves through pre existing holes to make them large enough to get into your home. 

The Reason Rodents In Maine Invade Homes

If given the chance, rats in Maine would become your “family friendly” household rodents in a heartbeat. They love creeping their way into your home so they can easily snack on food in your pantries, gnaw on your furniture legs, tear up your fabrics to help build their nest, and quench their thirst from your sinks and bathtubs. It’s almost like your home was made just for them! The only problem is that they don’t make the best roommates, and they are most likely not welcomed guests.

Main rats inside homes

How A Deep Clean Helps To Prevent Norway Rats In Maine?

Believe it or not, rodents in Maine don’t need your home to be nice and clean to want to live in it. In fact, the less cleaned up the better for those pesky Maine rats. These furry little pests love themselves an untidy area more than you realize! Dirty and cluttered environments provide the perfect opportunity for rats in Maine to find food, water, and moisture. One of the major ways to make your living space less attractive to Maine rats is by performing a deep cleaning. This should involve tasks such as mopping, sweeping, vacuuming floors, washing down surfaces, reducing clutter, and organizing your storage areas as much as possible. Once your home is clean and tidy you should do your very best to keep it that way with daily tasks of washing your dishes, addressing food messes and drink spills as soon as they occur, and taking out the trash before it fills up. Remember, those Maine rodents LOVE mess and clutter so if you can keep it nice and tidy, they are less likely to see your residence as prime property.

Norway Rat Pest Control Southern Maine Residents Need.

The pest control southern Maine residents want is easy to find in stores with the many products that promise to handle Maine rats. However, the one most worth your time and money are heavy duty snap traps. If you are seeing signs that Maine rats have become your new unwanted roommates and made themselves at home, purchase some rat traps and make sure to bait them with peanut butter. Peanut butter is recommended as bait instead of cheese because cheese can easily be stolen off of traps where peanut butter requires that those pesky “roommates” stay to lick and shuffle traps around making them more likely to trigger. Place your baited traps in the areas that you suspect rodents are traveling through at night, like under sinks or in your pantries. If this technique solves your problem within a few weeks, fantastic! If your problem persists, assume that your Maine rat “friends” have begun to breed and be sure to get a pest control professional involved. 

Pest control southern Maine residents can rely on can be found here at Green Shield Pest Solutions. We will make sure your rodent problems are handled quickly and effectively with the combination of techniques that our experienced technicians have acquired. Contact us today to find out more about our services and to schedule your Southern Maine home for a thorough inspection.

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